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Health Stack is a fee-for-outcome model, meaning it’s one cost for all the solutions. The model is a monthly subscription, based on the number of staff you have onsite.
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How does it work?

With Health Stack, you can stack the products and services your business needs most. We support mental and physical health in your workplace through one monthly cost offering many solutions.

Our team of healthcare professionals are ready and waiting to help your business now.

Pricing Model

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with your site to stack the programs that matter the most to you and your business. You may be finding it challenging managing the mental health of your staff right now, so why not start with our Happy Minds program and then in a few months time, run our manual handling training and healthy eating programs.

Employees have 6 months to report injuries to workcover, most of our treatments do not progress to a workcover claim and are managed onsite without leaving the workplace.

Our model is subscription based, you can exit anytime by giving us 2 months notice.

All you need is a desire to look after your staff, we provide the rest. Some organisations choose to use our on-site kiosk as a means of staff accessing our services, some organisations prefer we go straight to their staff’s smart phone.

Depending on your subscription, you have access to our online Doctors, Physios and Dieticians. Each month you are given access to consults based on your subscription. EG: $1299 a month is 5 consultations for the month

All our Doctors, Physios, Dieticians and Psychologists are bound by the Privacy Act 1988, all medical information is kept private, stored in our secure encrypted server.

As part of the on-boarding, we ask the site to choose the success team. They are people in the business that look after staff, this can be one person or many.

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