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Health Stack was established in 2020 with a single purpose – to provide access to exceptional employee health and mental wellbeing services, injury management resources and on-demand treatment options.

About Health Stack

With Health Stack, you can tailor your preferred stack of prevention and treatment services to create solutions unique to your workplace. Our business model is built on delivering outcomes to your staff, as designed by you.

And the best part? We provide all this through telehealth and online platforms, meaning there’s minimal disruption and your staff don’t need to leave site.

Meet the Health Stack team

Health Stack harnesses the expertise of a team of healthcare professionals. Then we put those people at your disposal right when you need them.


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Our healthcare leaders are outstanding. Alongside workplace support, they also manage the health of elite athletes who expect the absolute best from their treatment teams. That’s what you’ll get from us too – Everyone wins!

Ready to try a fresh approach to employee health?

Introducing James Fletcher

Health Stack’s founder, James, is a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist with a Master’s degree from Griffith University.

He has a long history of pioneering fresh approaches to employee and athlete health, both in private practice and while working alongside the Australian Olympic swimming team and Cirque du Soleil. He toured the world in those roles and experienced first-hand how other countries managed acute and chronic injuries. He realised Australia needed to up its game.

James Fletcher from Health Stack

“Our healthcare system is built on a fee-for-service system, which can create an over-servicing model and poor outcomes for everyday Australians.
I toured the world and saw how other countries manage acute and chronic health issues. I chose the best models and programs, selected the best therapists in Australia to be on call for you so you can be the best at looking after your staff."

- James Fletcher

Why all this matters


Employees are 3x

More likely to return to work if they have a plan.

18 percent


Employee assistance is associated with 18% higher return to work rate for physical claims and 33% for psychological claims.


SINCE 2020 the Australian Government introduced Telehealth and 100 million services have now been delivered across the nation.


A high percentage of our waking hours are spent at work. Poor posture at the desk, poor lifting practices in the warehouse, too much stress – it can all lead to physical or mental ill-health that compromises work.


Then starts a long, frustrating and expensive process of trying to help your staff recover and get back to work. Traditional approaches to employee health are time-consuming, costly and ineffective. They’re almost designed to keep your employees stuck in an endless cycle of ill health and time off work (fee-for-service model).


This is where Health Stack is different. We’re a fee-for-outcome business, so we’re focused on delivering the outcomes your business needs, to help your business and staff thrive.


Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say.

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