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Supporting New Starters: The Key to Workplace Wellness and Corporate Health

Starting a new job can be both exciting and daunting for employees. As organisations increasingly prioritise workplace wellness and corporate health, it becomes crucial to extend robust support to new starters that goes beyond a branded coffee mug or drink bottle. 

When welcoming new starters, especially in the manufacturing industry, its important to explore the significance of how you can really support new employees. Here at Health Stack, we can help you create and optimisation strategies such as employee screenings, on-site or telehealth physiotherapy appointments, and online learning modules that can help educate and assist with their well-being and overall success.

Creating the right working environment

It’s not enough to just welcome new starters with open arms – you need to set the foundation for a positive work experience from the get-go. By establishing a culture of inclusivity and support from the beginning, organisations can help alleviate stress and enhance employee engagement. 

During the on-boarding period, we recommend equipping new starters with the knowledge, support tools and constant resource to discuss acute changes both mentally, emotionally or physically. You can do this by implementing a buddy system or mentorships, and relaxing social opportunities – these all help to foster a sense of belonging and reduces feelings of isolation. 

Employee Screening for Optimal Fit

One effective strategy for supporting new starters is implementing thorough employee screening processes. We have seen a lot of our smaller clients struggle to get the full comprehensive screenings done so we have a solution that is cost effective and reduces the risk.  By placing individuals in roles where they can thrive, organisations not only boost productivity but also minimise stress and dissatisfaction that can arise from a mismatched job fit. 

At Health Stack we believe we can get most people to do most jobs if we give people enough knowledge, time and support to integrate into the role. We fill the gap between traditional healthcare keeping you and your staff at arms length, we are there for the ride. 

Physiotherapy for Physical Well-being

Promoting physical well-being is a vital aspect of workplace wellness, and providing physiotherapy services is an excellent way to support new employees in this regard. New starters often face the challenges of adapting to unfamiliar work environments and physical demands. 

Health Stack can help you to achieve this with direct access to our physiotherapists. They’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to support your employees, and are a constant resource to discuss acute physical or musculoskeletal changes they may be experiencing.

Perhaps this is your new starter’s first time in a labour intensive job? Or, perhaps they’ve come from a labour intensive job and are now struggling to sit behind a control panel for their shift. Although they may have the capabilities to do their job, even the smallest niggle can impact on how they view coming to work.

Having access to physiotherapy sessions enables them to address any discomfort, prevent work-related injuries, and learn proper ergonomic practices. Regular consultations with our physiotherapist can also help build awareness and habits that promote long-term physical health.

Mental Health Support

Alongside physical well-being, organisations should prioritise mental health support for new starters. Offering resources such as employee assistance programs (EAPs) or access to programs that can help them navigate any stress, anxiety, or adjustment-related challenges. By acknowledging and addressing mental health needs, organisations create a supportive and resilient workforce. 

At Health Stack, we have our live Happy Minds program which is run by our meditation teacher, along with our live Stress Breathing program as well as our online education resources. Anytime, organisations can include our Happy Minds module, learning how to change our thoughts, as well as our Emotional Intelligence module teaching managers how to use this skill to get the outcomes they want. 

Here is a list of Health Stack’s ‘must-do’s’s for your new starters:

  • Prioritise on-boarding
  • Set the ground rules
  • Remove fear and encourage support
  • Buddy system 
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Frontline leadership development
  • Foster interests 
  • Build wellness champions
  • Regular feedback 
  • Continue support
  • Foster collaboration

Supporting new starters is a vital component of workplace wellness and corporate health. By creating a welcoming environment, conducting employee screenings, training frontline staff, providing support tools, and prioritising mental health support, organisations can set their new employees up for success. 

These efforts not only enhance the well-being of individual employees but also contribute to positive work culture and organisational success. And the best part? You can do this all with help from Health Stack.

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