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Workstation setup – the latest research findings

Workstation setup – the latest research findings

At Health Stack, we provide the latest research and information to allow individuals to be the best possible version of themselves at home and in the workplace. The changing nature of work means now, more people are working from home than ever before. his flexibility brings some great benefits but it also brings some challenges too.

We specialise in workstation ergonomics for employee wellness. And, because everyone is different, there’s no one correct way to set up a workstation. 

Did you know, in order to be more comfortable and productive, the research actually suggests it’s best to keep moving throughout the day (Davs & Kotowski, 2014, 2015).

 So how do we achieve this level of comfortableness and productivity? It’s quite simple. Set a timer on your phone or calendar that repeats every 2 hours, reminding you to get up and move. 




How do I set my workstation up so I don’t have pain?

Here are some important recommendations to take steps to improve how your workstation is set up. 

  1. Chair – studies show, most are set too low which leads to people lifting their arms all day. It also means that you could be leaning on the front edge of your chair which can contribute to a bad head position and extra stress on the neck. The best rule of thumb is to have your hips, knees and arms all bent at 90 degrees.
  2. Monitor – is your monitor set too low? With a comfortable posture, you should be looking directly at the bottom third of the screen. If it feels uncomfortable, move it slightly down so your looking at the centre.
  3. Desk – the hard surface that your wrists rest on can cause issues, so we recommend placing a wrist rest (or folded towel if you’re in a desperate pinch) so your wrists can rest on something soft. Alternatively, you can use a pool noodle cut to size to ensure comfort at your workstation.
  4. Feet – your feet should be firmly on the floor, if you can’t reach the floor find an adjustable footrest to place your feet on.
  5. Lastly, its important to set the timer for every 2 hours and move. Get a glass of water, walk the stairs, go outside for 5 mins or do our deskfit program to keep you safe and healthy at work.

Let Health Stack help you get deskfit today.

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