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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Building healthy and safe workplaces with Health Stack 

In recognition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work – April 28

Productive, healthy employees mean productive, healthy businesses. 

This month marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The day raises awareness about the importance of occupational safety and health but also importantly, promotes strategies that prevent accidents and illnesses at work.

We’re all about those strategies. We’re recognising Word Day for Health and Safety at Work because here at Health Stack, we’re all about creating healthy, productive workplaces. 

Our strategies come in the form stackable, on-demand, online programs that promote health and wellbeing in your workplace and recognise the diverse, changing nature of how we work today. 

Word Day for Safety and Health at Work – why we think it’s Important

World Day for Safety and Health at Work’s message is one we can get behind. We also know that the message alone isn’t enough. 

It must translate into action to be meaningful for the majority of people – the employees who keep your business running. 

For employees, Word Day for Health and Safety at Work means nothing unless the businesses they work for are providing a safe workplace. This may be as simple as providing an ergonomic desk set up or as detailed as offering an extensive workplace wellbeing program. 

If your workplace has a terrible safety record or your work feels insecure, you’ll expect more than a basic acknowledgement of a global day from your employer. 

You want tangible techniques to make your workplace safe. You want to feel safe at work both, physically and psychologically.

What makes a workplace safe? 

Word Day for Safety and Health at Work promotes the prevention of accidents in the workplace. Physical safety is a non-negotiable but increasingly employees are looking for – and expecting – phycological safety at work. 

A psychologically safe workplace is one where mental health is prioritised just as much as physical health. This could be a formal workplace wellbeing program but it is also the way you as a leader shows up on a daily basis.  

Showing up daily could look like: 

  • Fostering a respectful and fair environment
  • Ensuring everyone feels heard 
  • Providing training and development courses 
  • Demonstrating commitment to mental health in the workplace (through providing access to psychologists)
  • Creating a workplace wellbeing program

One of the modules we know promotes physiological safety at work is our
Emotional Intelligence module. We’ve written about how emotional intelligence works in business and how important it is – check out our blog, you might be surprised. 

Health and safety strategies that are tailored to your business

Word Day for Safety and Health at Work not only celebrates safe and healthy workplaces, but also acknowledges the challenges we face in keeping workers safe. 

Corporate wellness programs are one way to combat the challenge but they need to be adaptable to the nature of your business and what your employees need. 

That’s why we created Health Stack.  

Your business is unique. Your employees are unique. Your needs will shift and change as your business grows. Creating a healthy and safe workplace isn’t necessarily easy, but we know that it can be flexible and simple. 

This does not mean that one size fits all. We understand that pre-packaged corporate wellness programs aren’t useful. As a leader, you know what your business needs. 

Our models are stackable according to what your business – and importantly, your staff – need. 

What we offer at Health Stack

We’re a team of healthcare professionals who offer a range of online services and programs that create a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. 

Our founder, James is a Physiotherapist and an Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about providing businesses with access to evidence based, multidisciplinary care that will help your employees – and so your business – thrive. Meet James and learn more about what gets him up in the morning. 

Our stackable programs cater for office staff, blue-collar workers and business executives. With us, you can create a flexible, useful workplace wellbeing program that reflects the needs of your business today and can shift as your business shifts. 

We’ve got it all covered. There are three streams you can stack from when building your business’ Health Stack:

  1. Injury management 

If your staff hurt themselves or are struggling with chronic issues, our healthcare teams beam directly to your site or their mobile phone with Doctors, Physios, Dieticians and allied health ready to manage and create a plan for success. Timing is key, the quicker we can talk to your staff the better the outcome your staff will get. 

  1. Prevention and wellness

Creating and maintaining a safe workplace isn’t just about avoiding accidents. It’s also about promoting health and wellbeing, beyond the physical. We build employee forcefields so your organisation can ride the challenges and change we are facing today. 

  1. Employee mental wellbeing 

We offer  a suite of resources – from breathing workshops to modules on building emotional intelligence in the workplace – to ensure your staff are supported mentally, as well as physically.  

Ready to create a physically and physiologically safe workplace with Health Stack? Let’s go. 

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