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A Workplace injury, why you might need on-demand suitable duties plans

I had the unique opportunity to travel the world with Cirque Du Soleil as a Physiotherapist, and during my adventures, I gained insight into how different countries manage injuries in the workplace. While some healthcare systems impressed me, others left me feeling uneasy when I had to entrust the care of our million-dollar circus performers to local doctors.

I am James Fletcher and here is our take on why you need help with your suitable duties programs.

James Fletcher from Health Stack

Why you need help with Suitable Duties

Everything is changing, all the time in modern workplaces. Ensuring the well-being of employees has become a top priority for employers, for good reasons. When it comes to managing workplace injuries and facilitating a smooth return to work, the concept of a “suitable duties plan” is crucial. However, many employers find themselves grappling with the complexity of creating effective plans, often leading to unnecessary time off at Doctors offices and a sense of losing control. 

The Challenge of Suitable Duties Plans

Crafting a suitable duties plan is no walk in the park. Employers often find themselves entangled in a web of conversations, medical nuances, and administrative hurdles.


What is a spondylolisthesis…………. and how can I best help my staff member?



This is often what our clients say to us, “we don’t know how to best help someone who is injured and at work”. The current process often consumes precious time and results in employees taking extended, unnecessary leave. Moreover, the constant juggling of paperwork and communication can leave employers feeling overwhelmed, hindering the rehabilitation process.

The Time-Consuming Struggle

Traditional approaches to creating suitable duties plans are not only time-consuming but also demand extensive expertise in both rehabilitation and administrative tasks. So today, you might take a staff member to the Doctors office only to be told the solution is time off and come back in 2 weeks. Leaving you with paperwork and extra work to cover. This does not help anyone and with the latest research at its actually harmful to all involved.


Enter Health Stack – a game-changer in the realm of workplace rehabilitation. Our innovative platform takes the stress out of creating suitable duties plans and empowers organisations to be the best at looking after their staff. Here’s how Health Stack is transforming the landscape:


  • Efficiency Redefined: Health Stacks online Physiotherapists  create suitable duties plans immediately and communicate in real-time to the people that need to know. Join the conversation on your mobile with the Physio and staff member, employers can navigate through the process seamlessly, ensuring a swift return to work for injured employees.
  • Changing healthcare: Our sessions don’t just include an online Physiotherapy session and real-time communication, we also include follow up support and access to a range of health and wellness initiatives to prevent this from happening again. Think Dietician consults, strength programs, Pilates sessions and Stress reduction tools. Your staff have access to the latest in wellness tools with Health Stack.
  • Enhanced Communication: Health Stack facilitates transparent and effective communication between employers, employees, and healthcare professionals. This not only expedites the rehabilitation process but also fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment.
  • Regain Control: Say goodbye to the feeling of losing control over the rehabilitation journey. With Health Stack, employers and employees regain control with real-time communication and a plan without anyone leaving the site. 


Let’s work together and make a real difference to your organisation. We take the stress out of looking after your staff. Because that’s what we do at Health Stack.

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